Kristi Kang

I have been teaching at The Yoga Project since 2008. I am also an artist, voice over actress, and singer/songwriter, with a loving husband and a passion for my sweet greyhound pups!


Yoga, in addition to helping me with strength, flexibility, and stress relief, has aided me through many years of chronic illness. The practice of yoga has gotten me through some very mentally trying times, as well as physical pain and recovery. I realized quickly after joining TYP that no one’s practice is the same as anyone else’s – even my own practice is different from one day to the next! This gives me the freedom to modify, amplify, or change the poses to fit my own body’s needs.


Yoga has also offered me the opportunity to practice both patience and acceptance, having shown me that I have the power to challenge myself and also to embrace myself just as I am. No matter what stage of life or limitations in my body, yoga will be there for me.